February 2020  
Monthly Faith Formation News

February 2020

Lifespan Faith Formation

All Souls Unitarian Universalist faith formation
nurtures liberal religious discovery and the spiritual development of children, youth, and adults.


Faith Formation News from Perry Montrose,
Director of Faith Formation



Perry's Ponderings

When the children brainstormed the meaning of Unitarian Universalism at Faith Friday, they named many value words and phrases - family, light, nature, peace, love, being nice to animals, sharing, kindness, helping each other, and welcoming everyone. Then the conversation took a side turn, as it’s apt to do with young children, and was focused on what “lights up the world.” The sun and fire were named. Then, there was a pause and one child yelled out, “I know what can light up the world…our love!”

Faith Friday focused on “Articulating Your UU Faith,” asking participants to consider what their Unitarian Universalist identity is about and to create an “elevator speech,” how you would respond if someone in an elevator asked you to explain your religion before they got to their floor. I helped the children combine many of the key words and phrases into a coherent thought and we formed the following elevator speech: Unitarian Universalism is a welcoming, peaceful, fun family who are kind to people and animals, and light up the world with our love.

As part of the articulating process, the children voted on the most important aspects of congregational life. The areas were social justice, spiritual growth/worship, socializing/friends, learning together/sharing ideas, and community/caring for/helping each other. Social justice, “making the world a better place,” was the overwhelming high vote getter. It was heartening to see that thinking beyond themselves and changing the world for the better was the children’s priority.

Soon after, Evelyn Mello took the initiative to put that thought into action by setting up a table on Sunday to raise money for an organization that helps animals affected by the fires in Australia. That same Sunday, the Coming of Age session was focused on “justice and faith.” The youth were given a scenario where “ContraViva Corporation” is polluting the Bigohl River in Snurptown. They were then asked to think of all the ways they could impact the situation at various locations in town, such as city hall, the river, or Snurptown News. It helped them to realize that social justice comes in many forms - direct action, advocacy, protest, consumer choices, etc.

There was a significant piece of the youth conversation that revolved around what difference each individual can make. It is a difficult societal time period to feel that any one person can significantly change the ills of society and the youth feel some of that overwhelm. However, they agreed that with others they can make a difference. As a faith community joined by our values and acting as a force for compassion and equity, we are able to have an impact. This is the meaning of lighting up the world with our love.


Thank you,

Lynette Gardner and Emmy Franklin for substitute teaching in January.

Alex Clancy, Sue Frankewicz, Carol Irwin, and Kathy Spindler for helping with Faith Friday.