Welcome to All Souls - where all souls are welcome!

All Souls Unitarian Universalist Congregation is a liberal religious congregation that nurtures lifelong spiritual development.


We covenant to create a welcoming, caring, justice seeking community within and beyond these walls.


  • Sunday Services


    Sunday Services
     Online and in person - 10:00 am

    To join us online click here:   YouTube channel 

    March Ministry Theme: Justice
    We work to be diverse multicultural Beloved Communities
    where all thrive.We covenant to dismantle racism
    and all forms of systemic oppression.
    We support the use of inclusive democratic processes
    to make decisions.


    March 3: "Waiting to Grow Again"
    Worship Leader: Rev. Carolyn Patierno
    Guest Preacher: Rev. Jennifer Johnson

    Here in New England, we're in a liminal season, the in-between time when winter is still with us, but not always; when signs of spring appear and recede before settling in to stay. Beneath the still cold ground and tucked into tiny buds just beginning to swell, new life is waiting to emerge--waiting to grow again. What spiritual lessons does this liminal season hold for us humans? How are we, too, waiting to grow again?

    March 10: New Member Sunday - "Belonging"
    Daylight Saving Time Starts - spring forward
    Worship Leader: Rev. Dr. Catriona Lanza
    Liturgist: Rev. Carolyn Patierno

    Twice blessed!  New Member Sunday & Celebrating the conclusion of the Stewardship Campaign


    March 17: "Remaining Human - Ukraine and the Effects of War"
    Worship Leader: Rev. Carolyn Patierno
    Guest Preacher: Marc Loustau


    March 24: Purim Play!
    Worship Leader: Perry Montrose

    With a Purim play written by Suzanne Wingrove-Haugland

    Good Neighbor Offering: Women and Girls Fund
    Food for the People: low sugar cereals and pre-packaged oatmeal

    March 29th: Good Friday Vigil - Noon to 3 p.m.
    Worship Leader: Rev. Carolyn Patierno


    March 31: Easter Service - Multigenerational Service
    Worship Leaders: Rev. Carolyn Patierno and Rev. Dr. Catriona Lanza



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  • Black Lives Matter Public Witness

    Black Lives Matter Public Witness

    Due to the time change and early darkness, our
    Black Lives Matter witness will be on pause until the spring. 

    Please join us then for this very important Social Justice effort.

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