Worship is the glowing center of our congregational life. Enlivened with music, story, and sacred text drawing from the world’s faith traditions, it is “time to pay attention to one’s life” – as a wise congregant once described – and to shore up strength for the week ahead. At All Souls we remind ourselves and each other that “church” is really what happens when we leave the building and use what we have received at All Souls to bless the world.

Month by month, All Souls’ services are guided by “ministry themes.”
Each Sunday, the worship leader considers the theme from a different angle than the week before.
To give you a sense of how this works, the 2022 – 2023 themes are as follows:

Worship Themes 2022 – 2023

September – Empowerment

October – Grief/Loss

November – Difficult Conversations

December – Spiritual and Compassion Practices

January – Anti-Racism

February – What do We Value

March – Whimsy

April – Growth and Maturity

May – Healing, Health, Recovery


Summer services start the last weekend of June and run through Labor Day.  Children from kindergarten through fourth grade gather for “Summer Fun and Games”. Children fifth grade and older are encouraged to attend the service – lighter in nature and shorter in the summertime.

Music is an important aspect of our services. Our choir is 25 voices strong (and always happy to welcome new singers!). We are a singing congregation! A wide range of musical genres enhances our worship experience. 
Coffee hour follows the service. Newcomers are encouraged to stay and visit the Welcome Table which is staffed by congregants who looked forward to meeting you and contains materials on Unitarian Universalism and All Souls.  

Welcome to All Souls! We look forward to welcoming you to Unity Hall on Sunday morning!