Death Cafes

Summer Schedule for Death Cafes:

Tuesday June 18th at 2 pm

Wednesday July 10th at 2 pm

Sunday July 28th after the service

Thursday August 8th at 2 pm


We invite you to join us in June, July and/or August for a gathering at our Death Café, where we create a space for open, respectful conversations about mortality.  While intentionally not focusing on grief, a Death Café serves as a safe and nurturing environment where individuals can openly explore this universal aspect of the human experience.  Facilitated by Rev. Dr. Catriona Lanza and John Boettcher, our gathering will provide an opportunity to share thoughts and reflect on the meaning of life and death. As you seek to deepen your understanding, you'll find a community of fellow seekers at our Café.  We’ll provide coffee, tea and sweets.

You are invited to attend any or all of these gatherings.  We will meet for about an hour and 15 minutes, give or take.  Rev. Catriona and John Boettcher will be available as facilitators.  We will try to keep the group size to about 8 - 10.  All are welcome – bring a friend!

Questions: Rev. Catriona  or  860-443-0316 x6

John Boettcher

Lynn Tavormina

"Enrich your life by talking about death."