Fatih Formation Children and Youth

Our Faith Formation Vision:

Our vision is to create a safe, joyful, welcoming environment where children and youth engage in interactive religious learning. Children and youth explore their Unitarian Universalist identity as part of an intergenerational community in worship, fellowship, and social justice activities.


Our Promises to one another:

  • Everyone matters
  • Be kind
  • You are free to ask life’s big questions
  • Offer that same freedom to others
  • Everyone gets a vote
  • Work for peace and fairness
  • Take care of our earth

What do kids learn in Unitarian Universalist Faith Formation?

With emphasis on our “Promises to one another,” Unitarian Universalist faith formation seeks to support each child and youth in developing a healthy conscience. Through stories, instruction, games, art projects, worship, music and service projects, children and youth are invited to make meaning of their life experiences. By offering ways to share their views and hear the views of others, we seek to support our children and youth in developing self confidence and a sense of empathy towards others. We seek to build a community of concern for one another, as well as a community of curiosity about what truly matters in life.


We invite our children and youth to consider life’s “big questions” (Does God exist? If so, what is God’s nature? What happens when we die? Why does evil exist in our world?) To answer these questions (never with finality), we consider our direct experiences of awe, what we know from reason and science, the words and deeds of prophetic women and men, and wisdom from the world’s religions – be they theist, humanist or earth-centered traditions. Grounded in these sources and in our ethical promises to one another, each young person is encouraged to find his/her truth and to live by that truth – in community with fellow seekers.


For more information, please contact our Director of Faith Formation, Perry Montrose at dirfaithformation@allsouls.net.