Caring Team/Pastoral Care

Caring Supports at All Souls

At All Souls, we make a commitment to be witnesses to each other’s lives. A fundamental purpose of our faith community is to be there for one another. As we grow in numbers, we are formalizing the networks of care through which we can do this.

Rev. Carolyn and our Associate Minister, Rev. Catriona Lanza, who came onboard in August 2023, are both available for pastoral care visits and phone calls. Pastoral care support can be helpful during a range of life experiences that invite us to make meaning in a new way. You may be experiencing a loss or transition, or challenges in your family or vocational life. You or a loved one may be facing a health concern. You may have a joy that you’d like to share. You may feel isolated or overwhelmed. Perhaps you have questions about your faith, or you want to talk through ways to connect more meaningfully at All Souls. Your ministers are here to be a compassionate listening ear.

Here are some particulars that may be helpful to you: Rev. Carolyn works full time and is generally at All Souls Tuesday through Thursday as well as Sundays. Reverend Catriona works part time, generally Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If you know that you would like to connect with either Rev. Carolyn or Rev. Catriona specifically, please feel free to contact either minister directly at (Rev. Carolyn) or (Rev. Catriona). If you have no preference as to which minister you would like to connect with, please contact Rev. Catriona at, and she will arrange for the appropriate support.

Pastoral Visits – Rev. Catriona coordinates volunteers who are trained to offer to congregants spiritual listening and compassionate presence as an extension of the pastoral care that our minister provides.

Check-in Visits – Betsey Fox coordinates volunteers who can offer a friendly visit or phone call to congregants to check in (

Transportation – Kathy Spindler coordinates volunteers who can offer rides to congregants (

“Thinking of you” cards – Erika Harger coordinates the writing of cards to congregants (

Meals – Ginny Campbell coordinates volunteers who can cook meals for congregants (


If you would appreciate one of these supports, or if you know of a congregant who
would benefit, please be in touch with Rev. Catriona.