Story for All Ages

Date Shared                                    Title                                                                              Author/Illustrator


January 24, 2020                            The Shaking Bag                                                          Gwendolyn Battle-Lavert

January 17, 2020                            Martin's Big Words                                                        Doreen Rappaport

January 10, 2020                            From Me to You                                                             Anthony France

December 20, 2020                       The Shortest Day                                                            Susan Cooper

December 13, 2020                       Henry Hikes to Fitchberg                                                 D.B. Johnson

December 6, 2020                         "That Was Unacceptable"                                                Rev. Caitlin O'Brien

November 29, 2020                       Waiting is Not Easy                                                          Mo Willems (adapted)

November 22, 2020                      The Secret of Saying Thanks                                           Douglas Wood

November 15, 2020                      Life Doesn't Frighten Me                                                   Maya Angellou

October 25, 2020                           Ghost Wings                                                                     Barbara M. Joosse

October 18, 2020                           Life                                                                                   Cynthia Rylant

September 27, 2020                     Sorry Not Sorry                                                                Rev. Caitlin O'Brien

September 20, 2020                     John Murray Comes to America                                     "The Wind of Change" by  Janeen Grohsmeyer

September 6, 2020                        Little Nino's Pizzaria                                                        Karen Barbour

May 12, 2019                                  Michael Rosen's Sad Book                                            Michael Rosen and Quentin Blake

April 21, 2019                                 Rechenka's Eggs                                                            Patricia Polacco

April 14, 2019                                 Grandad's Prayers for the Earth                                     Douglas Wood

April 7, 2019                                   What Can We Do                                                            Jane E. Hoffelt

March 10, 2019                              Henry and Leo                                                                  Pamela Zagarenski

March 3, 2019                                Drum Dream Girl                                                             Margarita Engle

February 24, 2019                         The Very Cranky Bear                                                     Nick Bland

February 17, 2019                         The First Song Every Sung                                              Laura Krauss Melmed

February 10, 2019                         Lillian's Right to Vote                                                       Jonah Winter and Shane W. Evans

February 3, 2019                            Harold's Circus                                                                Crockett Johnson

January 20, 2019                           You Too Can Be a Racial Justice Superhero                 Perry Montrose

 January 13, 2019                          The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes                             Mark Pett and Gary Rubenstein

January 6, 2019                              A Spoonful of Sugar                                                       Robert B. Sherman and Richard M. Sherman

December 30, 2018                       The Big Bang                                                                    Matt Meyer

December 23, 2018                       The Gift of The Magi                                                       O. Henry

December 2, 2018                         The Long Haul                                                                 Jeff Kinney

November 11, 2018                       Grateful: A Song of Giving Thanks                                  John Bucchino

October 28, 2018                           Shake Dem Halloween Bones                                        W. Nikola-Lisa

October 21, 2018                           Lifetimes                                                                          Bryan Mellonie and Robert Ingpen

September 30, 2018                      From Me to You                                                              Anthony France Tiphanie Banks

September 23, 2018                      Mama's Nightingale                                                        Edwidge Danticat

October 1, 2017                             Lily's Purple Plastic Purse                                                Kevin Henkes

August 27, 2017                            The Sissy Duckling                                                           Harvey Flerstein

May 21, 2017                                 How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World               Marjorie Priceman

May 14, 2017                                 Michael Rosen's Sad Book                                             Michael Rosen

May 7, 2017                                   A is for Activist                                                                 Innosanto Nagaro

April 23, 2017                                 Let's Talk About Race                                                      Julius Lester

April 16, 2017                                 And Then It Is Spring                                                       Julie Fogliano

April 9, 2017                                   Miriam and the Tambourine                                              Matt Meyer

April 2, 2017                                   Wherever You Are my love will find you                           Nancy Tillman

March 5, 2017                                Mole Music                                                                       David McPhail

February 19, 2017                         If you Hold a Seed.                                                           Elly Mackay

February 12, 2017                         Giraffes Can't Dance                                                        Giles Andeae

February 5, 2017                            GIve / Receive                                                               

January 29, 2017                           The Blind People and the Elephant                               a story from India

January 22, 2017                           The Very Cranky Bear                                                   Nick Bland

January 8, 2017                             A challenge: to quietly build together                            Cathy Smith-Carolan and Rev. Caitlin O'Brien

December 4, 2016                         I'm New Here                                                                 Anne Sibley O'Brien

November 13, 2016                      The Coolest Kids in School                                             Kevin Henkes

November 13, 2016                      The Coolest Kids in School                                            Sheila Murphy Adams / Ed Murphy

November 6, 2016                         Wemberly Worried                                                         Kevin Henkes

October 23, 2016                           So Few of Me                                                                 Peter H. Reynolds

October 16, 2016                           Where I am From                                                          3rd and 4th Grade Poets

October 9, 2016                            This Is Just to Say: Poems of Apology & Forgiveness   Joyce Sidman / Pamela Zagarenski

October 2, 2016                             From Me to You                                                               Anthony France

September 25, 2016                     The Teddy Bear                                                                David McPhail

April 3, 2016                                   When Sophie Gets Angry - Really, Really Angry            Molly Bang

March 27, 2016                              Farfallina & Marcel                                                         Holly Keller

February 7, 2016                            When Abraham Talked to the Trees                               Elizabeth Van Steenwyk

January 24, 2016                           Your Hand in My Hand                                                    Mark Sperring and Britta Teckentrup


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