March 2019   
Minister's Monthly Column

February 2019


This is it.  After a false start two years ago and two years of discernment and hard work since, we are about to kick off our capital campaign.  I’m so excited to embark on this endeavor with you because now is the time when all of us are on the deck rowing the boat together. 

Make sure to read the article on page 7 in which the feasibility study results are shared.  The financial forecast is good.  But for me, the most heartening news is that so many Souls have volunteered their time to help with said rowing, nearly 150 of you, to be exact.  That’s the kind of energy that will get it done. 

Again, I’m excited but what I am also is confident.  I know I know I know that there is a gap between what the consultant thinks we can raise and the cost estimate we received.  We are not surprised at that gap.  We knew that the estimate we received two years ago was going to increase significantly.  As well, we add a youth-dedicated space onto the original plan. 

So when this past Sunday two members of the youth group offered a stewardship testimonial my heart sank when they shared how crowded they are in the Emerson Room and how excited they are that a dedicated youth space has been added to the plan. They were not yet aware of the financial gap between the estimate of what we could raise and the building cost estimate. When they concluded their (beautiful) testimony, I turned to Caitlin and said, “Of course, that youth dedicated space is going to be the first to be cut.”  To which she quoted back to me something I’d just preached and I say so often, “Keep hope kindled.”  Indeed.

After the first service several folks approached me about the project and specifically spoke about that morning’s stewardship testimonial.  One Soul clarified with me that her capital campaign commitment was three times what I had originally understood.  Another Soul suggested that the youth themselves help with the fundraising.  After all, the bake sale they organized last spring raised $1500 in one morning!  After all, All Souls is a congregation that loves and supports our children and youth. 

I shared this story at the second service and I changed my tune.  Not only am I confident that we’re going to raise the amount the consultant estimated, I now feel hopeful that we’ll raise even more making possible that dedicated youth space. 

You’re going to be hearing from visiting stewards soon asking to set up time to talk with you about All Souls, the capital project, the annual campaign, and asking what your own financial contribution will be to both.  I hope that every single one of you will enter into that conversation with a sense of enthusiasm for our shared future.  If every single one of us helps and gives and hopes together, we’re going to be fine.  Together we are going to build a new way, as our campaign motto says.

Here we go!

With Love and hope, Reverend Carolyn