June 2019   
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To keep you updated on all things building project!

From our June Newsletter:


As of May 24, 162 households have contributed to the Capital/Stewardship Campaign.

The Annual Campaign total is $370,678.00. The Capital Campaign total to date is $1,160,857.00. The Capital/Stewardship Campaign Committee wishes to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the wholehearted support we have received from you, the congregation, as “We Are Building a New Way.”

Stewardship is an act of worship that can be described as the joyful sharing of gifts which includes our abilities, and our time as well as our money. The leadership of the many support committees necessary to make our campaign a success is an example of giving the gifts of ability and time.

Thank you Arlene Gundlach, Clare Evento, Joel Ackerman, Liz Spurr, Sher Lofgren, Neil Overstrom, and George Dowker for chairing these committees. Heidi Toala’s wonderful poster which helped us to track our progress toward our financial goal and 100% participation is an example of the gift of talent and time.

The Capital/Stewardship Campaign Committee members including Liz Binger, Danny Spurr, Kerri Kemp, Bruce Cummings as well as Tom Lescoe and Henrietta Mountz have been greatly gratified in our service to All Souls as stewards. We have enjoyed getting to know one another as well as many of you through our work.

The Stewardship Committee is already planning for next year’s fiscal year and will have a retreat to plan the campaign on August 10. We are hoping that some of you will decide to join us in the growing and nurturing of All Souls which is what stewardship is all about.

Henrietta Mountz, Stewardship Chair, or 860-339-5178
Tom Lescoe, Stewardship Chair, or 413-824-7688


SPACE FORCE (AKA Alternate Space Team)

The Space Force has been getting things done!

WORSHIP SPACE: We have found an alternate worship space! Once construction begins our worship services will be held at the Temple Emanu-El located at 29 Dayton Road in Waterford. It is handicap accessible, has ample parking with an overflow lot a short two blocks away, an education wing, social room and beautiful sanctuary. We are delighted to be invited into this space as our temporary home. Please stay tuned for more information on the time of service.

MEETING ROOMS: Two congregants stepped forward after our May 5 congregational update to let us know that they had access to additional meeting rooms! One room is in Norwich and one is in downtown New London. Many committees, teams and groups have told us that they will take care of their own meeting space, often choosing to meet in their home. Indeed, we will not be able to accommodate everyone who wants a space during the construction period. If you know of a meeting space let us know.

Sue Frankewicz at or 860-383-4374

STAFF OFFICES: Problem solved! After looking at other spaces we have found reasonably priced offices that are very close to the current building. We are working out the details now and if all goes well we can check that off our list.



The Building Committee has made considerable progress towards completion of Design Development (DD) stage drawings, the step before detailed construction drawings for bidding. Our architect, Dan Glynn, is at 100% DD, informed by information for our structural engineer, E2, whose work is still in progress. The civil engineer, CLA, has our site plan nearly complete and is preparing a preliminary submission packet for the City of New London Planning and Zoning Commission review. The intention is to have the formal application finalized by June for review at the Commission’s July meeting.

Meanwhile, site assessment by Catalyst Environmental continues with water and soil testing in locations where the new foundation footings and walls will be built. Water samples were clear of contaminants, however the soil samples showed modest evidence of oil presence and, more significantly from a construction standpoint, coal ash as part of the fill on the site. This is not unusual for an urban location, particularly a historic city such as New London, however it does mean that additional testing is required to deter-mine the best strategy for design of the foundations. Additional tests have been ordered related to soil chemistry and a geotechnical engineering form has been hired to complete the analysis of the soil structure beneath the parking lot.

The Committee is also moving forward with identifying potential construction management firms, a prerequisite for planning and scheduling the construction phase of the project, mindful of the need to ensure that All Souls’ values are foremost in mind with our selection process. All Souls is sympathetic to worker issues. “Are you paying prevailing wages?” is more relevant than having a union. We plan to draft our expectations and values and integrate that into evaluation of firms providing bids by having them provide info on hiring practices etc. for us to us to use as part of our selection criteria.

As CLA better defines the site plan we are also looking to develop more a detailed planting plan in consultation with our gardeners.

A parallel project is underway, led by Jonathan Harger, the Green Sanctuary team, and working with the Solar engineering firm Encon, to both investigate solar panel strategies for the existing roof space and pursue a community tax credit program to pay for installation. Paperwork for the latter has been submitted to the city for the required approval.

Our actual worship space will still be the current Unity Hall space for both services. The Community Room space will provide the additional space needed for coffee hour and special events.

Neal Overstrom, chair at; or 860-639-8535


The Event Team organized a most wonderful picnic celebration on May 19 after the annual meeting. The food was excellent, live music a real treat, face-painting and balloon sculptures were both enjoyed by the children and of course, there was an ice-cream truck! We are so grateful that folks stepped up to help. A big thank you shout out to Perry Montrose and Arlene Stoltz, Jesse Edwards and Nick Evento, Amye Stoddard, Cheryl Poirier, Marilyn and Brock Richardson, Janet Marolda, Betsey Fox, Paul Shaffer, Joyce Werden and Tony Szramoski for all their help and making this event possible.

Elizabeth Spurr, Co Chair, or 860-501-8109
Sher Lofgren, Co Chair, or 203-848-7865



From our May Newsletter:


The meeting will be from 10:30-11:00 a.m. Members of the Stewardship |Capital Campaign Team, Building Team, and the Space Force (the team who is out there looking at spaces we may call home for the duration of the construction period) will provide detailed information and respond to questions / concerns / enthusiasms. The session will continue in the Vail Library after 11:00 a.m. for teachers and those who may be interested in continuing the conversation.


Goal: $1.2 million

At this writing: $1,121,877 with 142 households participating

Many thanks to the 40+ visiting stewards!

Our next step is to send letters to local businesses and All Souls alums asking for donations. Let us know if there is a local business you think we could contact.

If you have not yet made your commitment to the capital campaign and the annual campaign, please contact Clare Evento at or 860-447-9550

Henrietta Mountz, Stewardship Chair at or 860-339-5178

Tom Lescoe, Stewardship Chair at or 413-824-7688



Activities underway:

• Meeting weekly to support aggressive schedule for desired Fall 2019 groundbreaking

• Determined that engaging a construction manager will be in our best interest. Reviewing possible firms.

• Reviewing construction loan options to support cash flow requirements throughout process.

• Detail Design - Identified need for special considerations; lighting, acoustics, aesthetics/ interior design

• Kitchen design developed with kitchen designer with final input from our architect.

• Solar options: Applied for possible city/state grant & consulted with solar engineering firm.

• Options for efficiency upgrades of HVAC systems (possibly under grant funding)

• Preparations for Permitting

 Site review

 Structure engineering

 Mechanical systems engineering

 Soil and groundwater reports review and updates

• Contractor Selection

• Financial considerations:

 Developing master schedule overview with cash flow estimates

 Identifying Impacts to annual operating budget

 Upfront contracted services cost estimates

Neal Overstrom, Building Committee chair at or 860-639-8535


SPACE FORCE (aka Alternate Space Team)

The Space Force is a team tasked by the Board of Trustees to find alternative places to use as we begin our construc-tion project this fall. This is not simply about finding a worship space – it is much more than that.

The team has engaged in a deep dive into understanding the congregation’s needs to ensure that we find the best spaces possible. We are gathering data on meetings, faith formation activities, staff offices, worship, and other needs.

We know that there are aspects of the construction process that will affect our needs and the choices we make about alternate spaces. The building team is working hard to get these answers. Meanwhile the space force working on the assumption that we will not have any space available in the current building during construction.

Consequently, the first things we are asking the congregation to help with are:

• Piano storage: We may or may not be able to take the pianos to the temporary worship space. If not, we will need safe, climate-controlled storage. If any of you have or know of a place, please let me know by emailing

• Meeting space: We may or may not have a space that will allow committee chairs to have a key to a building or rooms that can be used. Sue Frankewicz is heading up this task and while she will be contacting committee chairs about meeting spaces, we need to begin thinking about meeting in new ways. So consider the groups with which you meet. Do you have an alternative space that you could use? A home, office or coffee shop for example? If you have places that would accommodate your group, please contact Sue Frankewicz at

These are only the first requests that we will make of the congregation. The more planning that we do now, the easier this process will go.

George Dowker Space Force Chair at or 860-235-6247



This committee will endeavor to keep the congregation posted on what is happening throughout the construction through this Home Page in monthly newsletters. If anyone has questions, please contact one of the committee mem-bers who will get answers for you. Thanks to Heidi Toala for lending her talents in many ways but especially for the beautiful giving chart in the hall by the Nash Room.

Arlene Gundlach, Communications/Publications Chair at or 860-444-0327



PICNIC CELEBRATION – Sunday, May 19 - rain or shine!

We have achieved a goal worthy of a celebratory bash!

Join us for a BBQ picnic lunch! Hot off the grill will be angus burgers and all beef hot dogs, potato salad, green salad and corn. There will be a vegan BBQ offering with side salads and there will be gluten free rolls available.

Watermelon and a fun surprise visit from an ice cream truck!

There will be fun activities for all ages including face painting, balloon sculptures, games, storytelling and more!

There will be on-site parking for those who need it. Please plan to park in the upper courthouse lot before ser-vice. Please bring your own lawn chair if you have one.

RSVP if you are vegan, gluten free or both so we can prepare. Email Liz Spurr:

Sher Lofgren, Events/Party Planning Co-chair at or 203-848-7865

Elizabeth Spurr, Events/Party Planning Co-chair at or 860-501-8109