Co-Presidents' Monthly Column

July and August 2019        



It’s summer and for many that brings a change of life’s pace.  Whether it’s the end of the schoolroutine or a little more time off, the longer days invite us to slow down a bit and smell the roses.

For me, summer has always meant travel.  As a child growing up, every year we took a trip to see grandparents – one set on their Colorado ranch and the others in Northern California.  I have wonderful memories of those trips starting with putting on our “good clothes” for the flights (I am old enough to remember when people actually dressed up to fly).  In Colorado we would drive into the Rocky Mountains where my grandparents had a cabin, and fish the mountain streams for trout that my grandmother would cook over her wood-fueled cast iron stove.  We would hike mountains and explore old mines and look for the many kinds of wildflowers.  In California my grandparents had a huge screened-in patio with tiki torches where we would sleep on hot nights, with citrus fruit growing in the backyard.  We would take trips down the coast and into the mountains and often eat dessert first.

Although summer does usually bring trips to somewhere for me, truth be told I have an incurable case of wanderlust and year-round I think about the next place I will go.  I come by this affliction honestly as both of my grandmothers loved to travel as did my dad and my mom still does. My list of desired destinations is very long!  That said, it is also very nice to stay put, and when I wander in my yard during this season, I am reminded of why.  The familiar is soothing and reassuring.

The pace changes at All Souls in the summer as well. The Worship Arts Team has interesting, inspiring, thought-provoking, as well as just plain fun, plans for Sunday services.  So, for those who prefer to stay put, and for those who like me love to go, your All Souls home is here for you.  We hope to see you.