March 2019   
Co-Presidents' Monthly Column

March 2019          


The train has left the station as is often said.  To follow on Maggie’s car ride metaphor with another transportation reference, All Souls is moving forward full speed ahead, on track to building a new way.

From where I sit, I must say that the pace of change at All Souls in the last year has been a bit head spinning.  And our ability to set a course and get there has been nothing short of inspiring.  Recall for a moment:

1.  We made the commitment to staffing for growth and set an ambitious goal to fund it and to build our person-power to  support where we want to go as a congregation.

2.  We made a commitment to become a sanctuary congregation and a super committed task force formed to support the effort

3.  We agreed to move forward with the feasibility study and through it, demonstrated our ability to raise the funds to support building expansion in a capital campaign.

4.  Dozens of people came forward to volunteer for the capital and stewardship campaign efforts.

5.  We realized that some changes to our building plans needed to happen.  New plans came together very quickly, and presered the elements of the addition that are most important to the congregation.

Now we are cruising along toward shovels in the ground later this year.  So yes, my head is spinning.

Our success, which I am certain we will see, rests on each and every one of us playing some part in the capital campaign in order to make the plans now on paper ultimately a reality.  It doesn’t matter the size of your contribution because everyone has a part to play.  How excellent will it be when we dedicate our new space to be able to say that every Soul contributed to it?  Can we make that the next milestone that we reach?  I have no doubt that we can get there given the degree of determination in our midst.

Thank you to all that have brought us to this point.  And thank you in advance to all that will support All Souls in getting to our destination.


Laurel Holmes, Co-President