October 2018   
Minister's Monthly Column

October 2018


Last Sunday Bil Groth, one of our wonderful accompanists, played “Autumn Leaves” for the postlude.  I love that song in part because, like many New Englanders, autumn is my favorite season.  I believe it was Charles Shultz who wrote that, “Happiness is a sad song.”  If that’s true, “Autumn Leaves” brings an abundance of happiness!

Truth be told, part of autumn’s appeal is its undercurrent of melancholy. As sure as autumn signals new beginnings – the school year; the Jewish New Year; at All Souls a new program year – it also signals endings.  The season offers opportunity for contemplation of all things ephemeral – a tree’s life cycle as well as our own. 

It is fitting that grief and mourning is our ministry theme this month.  On October 28 we will enter into our annual Ritual of Remembrance, a ritual so powerful in its simplicity.  Every Soul is invited to simply come forward and speak the name of a loved one who has died and who we honor.  By saying their names there arises a beautiful melody of remembrance.  As well, Harvest Moon CUUPS will be leading a Samhain service, a service that always brings a depth of beauty to our honoring of the dead.  And the feast will follow – soup and fellowship. 

Autumn’s glowing beauty comforts melancholy, of course.  Take a walk.  Look up and out your window.  Drink a cup of Scott’s Yankee Farmer cider (I know. Others will argue that Clyde’s is the better choice.  Just enjoy the cider of your choosing!)  And always, come to church.  In joy and in sorrow both, make your way to Unity Hall on Sunday morning and for all things spirit filling Monday through Saturday.

Autumn blessing to all,


Here’s a prize for you: the most beautiful interpretation of “Autumn Leaves” I’ve ever heard.  Sung by Leslie Odom, Jr. of Hamilton fame.  Enjoy!