March 2018  
Minister's Monthly Column

Message from Reverend Carolyn

On March 11 through 16, I will be traveling to Houston, TX with the UU College of Social Justice, a CT College Office of Religious and Spiritual Life colleague and nine CT College students on an alternative spring break service trip.  UUCSJ has partnered with a local organization called “Rebuild Together”.  Their mission is to aid the homebound, elderly, ill, as well as veterans in home repair and improvements.  After Hurricane Harvey, they broadened their reach to help any who were affected by the hurricane’s rampage – as costly as was Hurricane Katrina. 

UUCSJ has as its mission a commitment to service learning.  Not satisfied with the prevalent “riding in on a white horse” attitude, UUSCJ’s trips seek to be more humble than arrogant.  We will be learning as much about the region, the way the hurricane particularly affected immigrants living in the region, and the human cost of eco-racism.  Our fourth day will be a “Toxic Tour” i.e. investigating the ways that communities of color are most adversely impacted by irresponsible environmental practices.  And we will be painting, repairing, and helping to rebuild.

This trip will be my second with UUCSJ, the last one in 2015 to learn more about immigration justice by traveling to the Arizona / Mexican border.  Previous to that trip, I went on a UU Service Committee “Just Works” trip to Mississippi, again with CT College students, again to do hurricane recovery work – this hurricane being Hurricane Katrina.  It is indeed humbling to witness suffering and then to learn that much of this suffering need not have happened. 

I look forward to sharing my Houston experience with all of you. 

And then a week after my return on Saturday, March 24, three buses will depart for yet another march, March for Our Lives, this one in Boston.  As you likely know, this action is the one being planned by youth protesting our country’s gun culture.  All Souls’ Coming of Age Youth are deep into helping us be part of it all.  I would encourage you to get involved but I don’t think there’s going to be any possibility of missing these young people.  They are righteous and ready to lift their voices.  The school shooting in FL deeply affected them. 

And winter will slowly turn to spring and so early in the season, we will celebrate Easter, hope reborn.  The in midst of heartbreak and sorrow, we cultivate beauty, truth and love.

See you on the bus, Dear Souls.    Carolyn