September 2018  
Minister's Monthly Column

September 2018


A new season begins at All Souls! It is always an exciting time of year and this year feels especially exciting as we welcome Perry Montrose and Tonya Laymon to our staff and Reverend Caitlin O’Brien’s focus shifts to pastoral care.

And there’s more happening:

- Continued work on planning for a capital campaign to support a capital project to build an addition to our building.

- A new leadership structure that merges the Worship Team and the Music Team to create one Worship Arts team.

- Reimagining the path to membership.

- A more robust focus on faith formation for adults .

- A congregation-wide effort to craft a congregation covenant, led by recent past Board President, Liz Binger.

Wheee!! It’s going to be a great year.

Most importantly, we continue to uphold our mission: to create a welcoming, caring, justice seeking congregation within and beyond our walls.

Thank you for all you do to make it all happen.

I’d like to take this opportunity to share some good news. In July I was informed by the Unitarian Universalist Association that I’d been awarded the Westwood grant here described: “The Westwood grant is given to ministers with 5+ years of experience who have brought an entrepreneurial spirit toward spreading our faith and nurturing our congregations.” The award was established in honor of three generations of Westwood family ministers and comes with a $3000 grant.

I learned that the New England Region staff nominated me after I had been notified of the award. I am deeply honored. Please know that I accepted this award knowing that it is a result of the ministry that we share. The following is an excerpt of the thank you letters I sent to the New England Staff and to the Westwood family:

“I toil in the vineyard quietly here in New London trying always to keep hope kindled and spirits alive. I serve a congregation that I love dearly and who teaches me daily the way to a righteous, compassionate and loving life. To be recognized in this way celebrates our shared ministry powerful for its imperfect humanity that manages to generate joy through these challenging days.”

That’s something to celebrate!

We begin again.

Love and thanks to all of you,

Reverend Carolyn